Western Treatment Plant

The Western Treatment Plant is a place of historic and cultural significance. It sustainably treats half of Melbourne’s sewage, and is a thriving ecosystem with an internationally recognised bird habitat. Find out more about this world-class ecosystem in Melbourne's western suburbs.

COVID-19 update: Due to social distancing practices we have closed the birdwatching areas located at the Western Treatment Plant until further notice. We are also unable to provide our regular tours to Western Treatment Plant. Check out our virtual tour and stand by for more information on how Melbourne Water will continue to deliver our services.  

The highlights

Everything you need to know, see and learn about the Western Treatment Plant is here.


Lagoons at the Western Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment process

Read about the sewage treatment process for the Western Treatment Plant, the first in Victoria to produce Class A recycled water: the highest standard. 


Sewage treatment process



Much more than a 'poo farm'

Did you know the sewage treatment facilities make up a small portion of the vast site? There are a variety of natural habitats, which together support diverse plant, animal and reptile species — some that are critically endangered. It is home to some of the most rare frog species in the world, and was declared an internationally significant wetland for waterfowl in 1983 under the Ramsar Convention.

Western Treatment Plant birdwatching


Cocoroc township at Western Treatment Plant site

History and culture

Learn more about the site's important indigenous and European cultural heritage values. Discover places of Indigenous spiritual significance and the historic township of Cocoroc.

History and culture


Western Treatment Plant map

Take a tour

Check out our new virtual tour to visit the Western Treatment Plant. Due to social distancing practices we are currently unable to provide our regular tours to Western Treatment Plant.


Western Treatment Plant virtual tour


Improvements for the environment

Melbourne Water is working hard to improve our environmental performance in the wastewater treatment field. An Environmental Improvement Plan has been carefully drafted to describe how Melbourne Water uses various processes to provide continuous improvement in environmental management at the Eastern Treatment Plant (ETP) located in Bangholme and the Western Treatment Plant (WTP) located in Werribee.

This plan defines the key high priority actions Melbourne Water is pursuing to achieve its various environmental goals; however, it does not attempt to capture all of the initiatives in place.

If you have any queries on the plan, please contact the Customer Service Centre.


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Melbourne Water sign saying 'Recycled Water in Use'

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Producing recycled water


Large, open areas of land drying biosolids

Learn about this nutrient-rich material resulting from the sewage treatment process, and how we're reusing it to make the most of this resource.

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Upgraded biogas covers deliver more renewable power at Western Treatment Plant

Floating pokymer covers at the Western Treatment Plant

Did you know the Western Treatment Plant produces biogas to power the site? 

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Last updated:
29 March 2020