User-pays pricing

​Our management strategy for Patterson Lakes consists of user-pays pricing for capital and operating related services in the tidal waterways communities and the Quiet Lake communities of Lake Legana and Lake Illawong.

Prices from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

Prices charged to individual properties will depend on type of mooring allocation that residents hold. All residents with a mooring allocation will be charged annual maintenance costs. The following charges are applied and itemised on your water bill from South East Water, starting 1 July 2020.

​Charge ​Cost per annum
Properties with access to timber jetty $​1,484.00
Properties with access to concrete jetty  $1,031.00​
Jetty annual maintenance ​ $135.56


  • The above charges do not apply to existing private licensed jetties.
  • The charges are per mooring, not per property. If you have two moorings, you must pay two jetty service charges.
  • These charges apply to all Melbourne Water jetties in the tidal waterways that have been replaced. The charges cover the demolition of the old jetty, construction of a new jetty and ongoing maintenance. It does not pay for the variable upfront cost of upgrading from a timber to a concrete jetty paid by the resident or future replacement of the jetties.

To make it more affordable, your annual jetty charges will be spread over your quarterly water bills from South East Water for the duration of the payback period: 15 to 25 years.

Residents cannot opt out of the program. The Essential Services Commission-approved jetty pricing is based on the costs being shared by the whole mooring community. They are Melbourne Water assets and are part of the community which residents have bought into.

Quality jetties and ongoing maintenance also support the aesthetics and property values in the area. Jetties add substantial value to properties with mooring allocations.

The Jetty Service Charge does not pay for the dredging of moorings. Melbourne Water will not be dredging moorings. The community overwhelmingly voted against a proposed Melbourne Water dredging program in a community ballot held in 2013.

The public jetty is not part of the jetty replacement program and therefore not paid for by this jetty service charge.

Resident information on how to go about dredging their own moorings is contained in Appendix F of the Patterson Lakes Jetty Guidelines.

Quiet Lakes

An annual Bore Flushing price is charged to individual properties within the Quiet Lakes that border either Lake Legana or Lake Illawong.

The charge has been developed following a bore water flushing trial and pricing consultation with all residents, and is consistent with the recommendations from the Patterson Lakes Independent Review of the management of the Quiet Lakes. The Essential Services Commission approved the charge in its Final Decision in June 2017.

The charge covers higher levels of services consisting of Melbourne Water running additional bore flushing over the summer months in Lake Legana and Lake Illawong. This includes approximately 253 million litres of bore water pumped into the lakes for six months of the year (1 October – 31 March each year), and weekly blue-green algae monitoring during October and November each year.

Melbourne Water will also continue to contribute 20 million litres of bore water per year and additional water quality monitoring to assist in maintaining the lakes. This will be funded through the Waterways and Drainage Charge.

The following charge is applied and itemised on your water bill from South East Water, starting 1 July 2020.

​Charge ​Cost per annum
​Quiet Lakes Bore Flushing  ​$118.00

Background information – Price Submission

View Melbourne Water’s price submissions and the Essential Services Commission final decisions approving our pricing proposals for the Patterson Lakes special drainage area.

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Quiet Lakes

Last updated:
12 August 2020