Quiet Lakes residents information

The Quiet Lakes are formed by three interlinked, non-tidal lakes – Legana, Illawong and Carramar – which residents can directly access from their properties. They are an integral part of the local drainage system, and sometimes store excess stormwater until it can drain into Patterson River and the McLeod Road pump station.

Here’s what you need to know about living along the Quiet Lakes.

Maintenance responsibilities

Together with residents, Melbourne Water and Kingston City Council share responsibility for maintaining the Patterson Lakes waterways. These responsibilities are outlined in the Patterson Lakes Waterway Management Plan.

Water quality management

We test water quality at a number of locations around the Quiet Lakes, checking for blue-green algae levels regularly and E. coli over summer.

If these exceed the recommended standards, we advise residents by:

  • posting warning signs

  • placing notices in the noticeboards

  • updating our website

Your responsibilities

You can help keep the lakes in good condition by:

  • stopping litter, including lawn clippings, from entering the lakes and drains

  • reporting blocked sewers to South East Water

  • improving stormwater quality – by using low-phosphate detergents and using less fertiliser, and washing your car at licensed car washes

Remember, you are responsible for your guests’ behavior and should make sure they respect others’ privacy – especially when using open or shared areas.

Boating and fishing


Powerboats, including jet skis, are not permitted on the Quiet Lakes. Only non-powered boats are allowed, such as:

  • small sailing boats

  • kayaks

  • canoes

  • dinghies


If you fish you must have a current recreational fishing licence under the Fisheries Act (1995) and regulations. For more information or to apply for a licence, contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning:

  • visit the DEWLP website

  • call their Customer Service Centre on 136 186

Pets and animals

Please control your pets to avoid spoiling the environment we all enjoy.

This includes stopping your dog or cat from:

  • entering the water

  • leaving droppings in the water, beaches or Quiet Lakes Reserve

  • walking off-leash in the reserve – Kingston City Council has designated off-leash areas

  • roaming off your property

  • preying on native birds

Do not feed or leave scraps out for seagulls, pelicans, ducks or other birds, as this harms their health and affects water quality and the environment.


Last updated:
12 August 2020