Jetties and boating

Jetty mooring leases

Melbourne Water has introduced new leases to replace the outdated agreements held by many property owners. Please make sure you have a new lease and current agreement for your mooring.

Every standard-sized residential property (and some units) in the Tidal Waterways has been allocated a mooring at a jetty complex in the area. 

If you are using your mooring, you must have a current mooring lease agreement prepared by Melbourne Water, which details the size (usually 9x3 metres), location and conditions of your mooring.

Jetty guidelines

We’ve developed guidelines with further information on:

  • leasing or licensing
  • maintenance
  • boat lifting devices
  • ownership and insurance
  • jetty access

Jetty replacement program

In July 2015 we finished replacing 270 ageing jetties in the Tidal Waterways, improving safety and functionality for mooring allocation holders. Where possible, jetty lessees were offered the choice of an upgraded floating concrete pontoon or a renewed fixed timber jetty.

Boating regulations

Boating regulations in the Tidal Waterways are set by Transport Safety Victoria.

The Tidal Waterways are a ‘no wash’ zone, meaning all boats must not exceed 5 knots – roughly 8 kilometres an hour or a brisk walking pace. ‘No wash’ signs are at the waterway entrances and prominent locations throughout the canals.

Speeds above 5 knots are prohibited to reduce:

  • danger to swimmers and other boats
  • erosion to beaches caused by boat wash or wake
  • boating accidents caused by speed

The Water Police, a unit of Victoria Police, has the right to use radar guns and their own observations to detect speeding boats.

Reporting illegal behaviour to the Water Police

If you see objectionable or illegal behaviour in the Tidal Waterways, note the boat’s registration number and report it to the Water Police via their 24-hour hotline: :(03) 9399 7500.

Last updated:
12 August 2020