Drinking Water Quality Strategy and Water Quality Annual Report

Drinking Water Quality Strategy

Safe and secure water supply services fundamentally underpin life and liveability in Melbourne and the surrounding region. The water supply system has been providing these services to Melbourne for over 120 years. Melbourne Water’s Public Health Policy underpins the implementation of our Strategic Direction by protecting public health through the provision of safe services.

The Drinking Water Quality Strategy (DWQS) is a functional strategy and outlines the initiatives and action programs required to deliver the following outcomes:

  • the community continues to receive safe, secure, affordable, world-class drinking water
  • source waters are managed to ensure the provision of affordable and high quality drinking water now and into the future
  • our customers understand and value our leadership and innovation in managing our drinking water sources.

The DWQS helps to deliver on our commitments under the Healthy People pillar in the Melbourne Water Strategic Direction, ensuring we meet service levels and legislative obligations over a 20 year timeframe.

The fundamental principle underpinning this strategy is that Melbourne Water must continue to provide the community, with safe, secure world class drinking water. This needs to be achieved at the most economical means whilst meeting existing and future challenges:

  • maintaining existing system performance – ensuring our inherited legacy of a low cost/low treatment system is protected for current and future generations
  • growth – increasing risk of incursion on to closed catchment sources and also providing the opportunity to use economically-attractive alternative sources proving effective water quality controls are in place
  • climate change – impacting on the quality and availability of source water
  • changing regulatory standards - adoption of health-based targets will lead to enhanced examination of our system barriers and may lead to improvement requirements.


​Water Quality Annual Report

Our Water Quality Annual Report (previously Annual Report to the Department of Health) is an account of issues relating to water supply management and drinking water quality over the past financial year.

We're required to produce the report under Section 26 of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 (VIC).

Annual performance statement to EPA

Our Annual Performance Statement to EPA summarises the Eastern Treatment Plant’s operation. It includes results of monitoring programs, summaries of works undertaken, details on trade waste received and our efforts to increase effluent re-use.

We are required to produce the report under our EPA Victoria licence to discharge treated effluent from the Eastern Treatment Plant.

More information is available on the EPA website.

EPA website

Last updated:
27 October 2019