How to use the rainfall and river level reports

Our interactive map allows you to browse more than 200 sites across Melbourne and view their rainfall, river level and flow data.

Select a site

You can find individual sites by:

  • Selecting a site from the dropdown list and selecting ‘GO’
  • Entering a street or suburb and selecting ‘Search’
  • Panning and zooming around the map – selecting the ‘Refresh’ button will reset the map

The types of data available for each site are represented by its icon, which will also indicate if the site is down for maintenance.

Viewing data

Summary data

A summary of available data is displayed in the map by selecting the site icon. Additional data can be viewed by selecting the ‘More detail’ link.

Additional data

Choose a set of data to display in a graph (chart) or table:

  1. Use the tabs to select the type of data to display – rainfall, river level or river flow
  2. Select a data set from the options provided*
  3. Select ‘View data’ to display the data
  4. Use the ‘Chart’ and ‘Table’ buttons to change how the data is displayed

*You can also create your own data set to view by selecting the ‘Choose my own data’ option from the list.

Downloading data

All detailed data sets displayed can be downloaded in a .CSV (Microsoft Excel) format for your own use. Simply select the ‘Download this data (.CSV)’ link below the table or graph.

Data calculations and availability

Data availability

Our website provides data from the time we began monitoring a site, dating back to 2004. If you need earlier data, contact us on 131 722.

Data calculations

Data is calculated differently depending on the data type.

​Data type Measurement period​
​Rainfall ​9.00am to 9.00am the following day
Note: Hourly data resets to 0mm at the start of each day, and will be unavailable until 10am due to file processing requirements
​River level and flow ​12.00am to 12.00am the following day
​Weekly data ​Sunday to Saturday
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