Frog census

Frogs play an important role in the waterway ecosystem and are easily affected by changes to their environment. Get involved in our community frog monitoring program, and collect data to help us manage frog populations and raise awareness of waterway health issues.

Being a frog monitor is easy and fun — and you don’t have to be a frog expert! Find out how you can contribute to their conservation by taking part in the Frog Census.

Download the app

With the Frog Census app for Apple or Android, you can record frog calls at any river, creek, wetland or other type of waterway.

Frog Census App - get involved in our community frog monitoring program

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If you can't download the app, fill out 'Frog Census - guide and datasheet' (below) and email your recording and datasheet to f[email protected]

How we use the data

We use the data to inform our planning and decisions on waterway health. It will also be added to CSIRO's Atlas of Living Australia and the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas to share biodiversity knowledge about endangered species.

Learn how to find and help frogs

Discover how to discover how to safely and effectively monitor frogs, including how to establish a long term, site-specific monitoring program. If you are unable to download the Frog Census app please use the guide and datasheet below to collect and submit records.

Creating a frog-friendly habitat

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog

Tips for designing and constructing a frog-friendly pond in your own backyard.

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Frog identification beginner's guide

Frog silhouettes illustration

Learn the key identifying features of frogs found throughout Melbourne.

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Education resources

Our free Foundation - Years 9/10 resources contain modules explicitly linked to the Victorian Curriculum, as well as meaningful and effective extension activities for frog conservation.

Calling all frogs (F-Year 2)

Meet the frogs (Years 3-4)

Frog habitats (Years 5-6)

Exploring our frogs (Years 7-8)

Saving our frogs (Years 9-10)

Using data to manage our frogs (Years 9-10)

Find out more

Frogs Victoria: a networking hub for researchers, conservationists, enthusiasts and the frog curious

The frogs of Victoria: Amphibian Research Centre's page dedicated to Victorian species

Code of Practice for the Welfare of Amphibians in Captivity: – Agriculture Victoria's code of practice for those with tadpoles and frogs in their care.

Frog ponds: Sustainable Gardening Australia's guidance on building frog ponds.

Gardens For Wildlife Victoria: Find information and support for building ahabitat garden.

Native frog or exotic toad? Don’t confuse native Pobblebonks for Cane Toads... Read more on Agriculture Victoria's website and educate your friends!

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Find Melbourne Water's Frog Census Group on Facebook to connect and share updates with the Frog Census community.

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22 July 2020