Be a citizen scientist

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Our community programs help you learn more about your natural environment and local habitats, and help us better track the health of our waterways.

We have training and programs for people of all ages - and partnerships with councils, schools and community groups - so you can build on your knowledge and make a meaningful contribution to your local area.  

The data you collect could contribute to scientific research, management planning and on-ground actions that improve the health of our rivers, creeks and wetlands. 

  • COVID-19 UPDATE: Like many businesses, we are doing our part to assist in limiting the spread of the COVID-19. This involves changing the way we are working including enabling staff to work from home and implementing social distancing practices.
  • This has an impact on upcoming scheduled Waterwatch meetings, workshops and events, including all upcoming scheduled Waterwatch program events (incorporating Water Quality testing, Waterbug Census, Frog Census, Platypus Census and Litter Action). 
  • As a result of this new way of working, we are unable to hold any upcoming sessions involving face-to-face activities or meetings until further notice.

Join a program from your community

You can participate in monitoring waterway health from your own backyard or nature reserve:  

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12 June 2020