Amendments - planning schemes

We're constantly obtaining new flood information for the wider Melbourne area. We provide this information to councils, so they have accurate information about land that may be affected by flooding during severe storms.

​Maintaining flood information in planning schemes

Amendments may be required to maintain the accuracy of flood information shown on council planning scheme maps.

Changes to maps occur through a Planning Scheme Amendment.

Planning scheme amendments online - Department of Planning and Community Development

Current amendments to planning schemes

Amendment C109: Improving Flood Management in Manningham

Council is proposing to change the planning controls relating to flood management.

Melbourne Water and Council are the responsible drainage authorities for main and local drains respectively and we have recently undertaken updated flood modelling using improved technology that can more accurately model the extent of flooding.

Amendment C109 - City of Manningham

Amendment C151: Updates to flooding overlays

Amendment C151 to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme proposes:

  • updates to the boundaries of the Special Building Overlay (SBO) and Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) based on improved modelling

We've used improved technology to accurately model the extent of flooding. An amendment to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme is required to reflect updated modelling and changes to the extent of areas affected. 

Amendment C151 - City of Moonee Valley

Amendment C151 - interactive map


Last updated:
26 September 2017