Amendments – planning schemes

We're constantly obtaining new flood information for the wider Melbourne area. We provide this information to councils, so they have accurate information about land that may be affected by flooding during severe storms.

​Maintaining flood information in planning schemes

Amendments may be required to maintain the accuracy of flood information shown on council planning scheme maps.

Changes to maps occur through a Planning Scheme Amendment.

Planning scheme amendments online - Department of Planning and Community Development

Current amendments to planning schemes

Amendment C91 MOOR – Moorabool Planning Scheme

The amendment applies flood extent mapping to land identified as being subject to inundation during a 1 in 100 year flood event, within the catchments of the Werribee River, Lerderderg River and Little River, in the eastern portion of the Moorabool Shire. The amendment applies the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) and the Special Building Overlay (SBO), updates the Municipal Strategic Statement and inserts three new reference documents.

More information is available on the following websites:

Amendment C116: Proposed updates

Scheme Amendment C116 was on exhibition until Friday 8 February 2019. The Amendment proposes to extend the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay to cover parts of the Lang Lang and Little Lang Lang rivers and Muddy Creek at Toora.

The Land Subject to Inundation Overlay is used to identify land that is prone to inundation so that any new development is referred to Melbourne Water for our requirements. Drainage, floodplain management and environmental issues can then be considered early in the planning process. The Amendment has been prepared at the request of Melbourne Water and the West Gippsland Catchment Authority. 

Amendment C116 - extension of Land Subject to Inundation Overlay

Amendment C221: Proposed updates

Melbourne Water and the City of Stonnington are proposing changes to Stonnington’s Planning Scheme, under Amendment C221, to minimise the effects of overland flows and flooding on new buildings, and ensure new developments don’t adversely affect existing properties.

Amendment C221 - updates proposed for flooding overlays

Amendment C384 melb: City of Melbourne Planning Scheme

Melbourne Water has worked with the City of Melbourne to update flood modelling within parts of the municipality so that it more accurately identifies the potential for flooding. This new flood modelling  also considers an increase in rainfall intensity due to climate change which is predicted to influence flooding in the near future.

This new information on flooding is the basis for the proposed Amendment C384 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme. It updates the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) and the Special Building Overlay (SBO) maps and schedules. Property owners in these locations will need to consider flood risk and mitigation strategies as part of a planning permit application for new buildings and works if the amendment is approved by the Minister of Planning in the future.

More information is available at City of Melbourne - Participate Melbourne website.

Last updated:
29 July 2021