Video: Melbourne Water's Sewer Relining Program

19 March 2018
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Melbourne is the worlds's most liveable city with more than 4 million people calling it home.

Our world-class sewerage system removes Melbourne's sewage via a network of more than 400 kilometres of underground tunnels and pipes.

Some sections of Melbourne's original sewer network were built more than 100 years ago; as a result approximately 15 km of pipes and tunnels need relining.

These works will extend the life of the sewers by a minimum of 50 years.

Six sections of Melbourne's original sewer network will be upgraded as part of Melbourne Water's sewer relining program.

  1. Essendon
  2. Maribyrnong
  3. Spotswood
  4. Brighton
  5. Hawthorn
  6. Ivanhoe

Commencing in early 2018, the works program will create more local jobs and will be phased over 3 years.

There will be some traffic disruptions during the works; however, Melbourne Water will work with local councils and VicRoads to keep traffic moving.

Find out more about the project:

Phone: 131 722