Melbourne Water is planning to upgrade the Hobsons Bay Main Sewer to ensure the continued reliability of Melbourne’s sewage network. 

The Hobsons Bay Main Sewer is a critical part of Melbourne’s sewer network, transferring 30 percent of Melbourne’s wastewater to the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee. It runs from Westgate Park in Port Melbourne to Scienceworks in Spotswood, crossing underneath the Yarra River. The sewer was constructed in the 1960s and is deteriorating to the point where it needs to be rehabilitated.

In order to rehabilitate the existing sewer main, high wastewater flows need to be diverted into a new sewer main. This duplicate sewer main will allow the rehabilitation works to be completed safely and efficiently, and ensure the continued operation of the sewer network which caters for Melbourne’s growing CBD and bayside suburbs.

This project is part of Melbourne Water’s commitment to protecting Melbourne’s bays and waterways from environmental harm and ensuring the reliability of our sewer network.

Construction is planning to take place in 2021. 

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Last updated:
19 December 2019