Melbourne Water is in the early planning phase of work to increase the capacity of the Elwood Diversion Drain and reduce flooding in the Elster Creek Catchment. 

Why is this project important? 

The Elster Creek Catchment has a history of widespread flooding, impacting the communities in Elwood and surrounding suburbs. Climate change and increasing urban development will continue to add to future challenges, with more extreme rainfall and more storm water runoff.

Though flooding cannot be eliminated entirely, increasing the capacity of the existing drainage network aims to reduce the impacts of flooding for this community and contribute to planning for the challenges of the future. 

The investigation of flood mitigation options in and around the Elsternwick Park is one of the deliverables within the Elster Creek Flood Management Plan 2019-2024

What are we doing?

The project will include the construction of approximately 660 metres of new underground drain from Elsternwick Park to the Bay. This will be constructed in the area alongside the existing drain alignment (pictured below). 

The project will also include a new drain inlet in the southern corner of Elsternwick Park, a new drain outlet on Elwood Beach and maintenance pits.

Existing drain location and area of investigation

Map of the existing Elwood Diversion Drain alignment



Concept development, planning and site investigations 


Not Started

Detailed design, further planning, site investigations, stakeholder and community consultation


Not Started


Timing to be confirmed

This is a complex construction project due to its location across both urban and marine environments. The above timeframes may change as more information becomes available. We will keep you updated on the timing of the project as we progress.

Community benefits 

The project aims to reduce flooding for communities within the Elster Creek catchment. We are committed to ensuring local amenity, environment, heritage and community interests are protected and enhanced during the delivery of the project.

Managing impacts

Like any major project, there will be impacts associated with the construction of the new drain. We will work closely with the community to plan for and manage these impacts, and will communicate any impacts well in advance.

Keeping you informed

We will provide more information, including the timing of activities, as the project progresses and more information becomes available.

Contact the project team

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Last updated:
7 September 2021