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Mordialloc Air Treatment Facility


Melbourne Water is undertaking works at the Mordialloc Sewer Pump Station located at 62 Chute Street (corner of Chute and Bear Streets). This pump station transfers the flow from South East Water’s Beach Road Main Sewer that services Mentone, Parkdale and Mordialloc.

O’Shannassy Reservoir upgrade project


We’re upgrading O’Shannassy Reservoir, replacing its outlet pipe and tower structure so the reservoir continues operating effectively.

Patterson Lakes Tidal Gates- corrosion protection works

Patterson Lakes
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To continue our important work of maintaining and improving our infrastructure and assets, Melbourne Water will be conducting corrosion protection works on the Patterson Lakes tidal gates. This work will involve re-coating the gates with an anti-corrosive paint.

Preston Reservoir Tree Removal

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To improve the local amenity, natural habitat and safety for High Street road users and pedestrians, we are proposing to remove the stand of Monterey Cypress and Monterey Pines trees that are within the Preston Reservoir site.