Hawthorn to Richmond Sewer Replacement

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Melbourne Water is replacing the sewer siphon that runs under the Yarra River as part of the second phase of works on the Hawthorn Main Sewer upgrade.

Why this is important

The Hawthorn Main Sewer is a vital part of Melbourne’s infrastructure, constructed over 100 years ago in 1903, and it transfers sewage flows to the Western Treatment Plant. 

To keep this vital asset functioning works are needed to replace the existing Hawthorn Main Sewer Siphon that runs under the Yarra River. By completing these essential works this asset will be protected into the future. 

What’s happening and when

Map of project area, showing no public access on Murphy Street (east of River Street) and Creswick Street (south of Denham Street), where the site compounds are located.

This complex project will start in early 2021 and will be completed in late 2022.

We are replacing the sewer siphon and decommissioning the existing asset. This involves shafts being excavated to launch a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). These shafts will be located on Creswick Street, Hawthorn and Murphy Street, Richmond. 

Segments of the TBM will be lowered into the Hawthorn shaft, and assembled underground to build the full machine. TBMs are large machines that are used to bore through ground and progressively install concrete linings to support the excavated tunnel. Excavated material (soil and rock) is moved through the machine to the surface for removal by trucks.

Once the new sewer siphon is completed we will connect it to the existing network and decommission the old asset.

What is a sewer siphon?

To transfer sewage under the Yarra River we need to install a siphon. A siphon is a wastewater pipe that enables flow under low lying areas or obstructions such as rivers, where flow by gravity at these locations is difficult.

What to expect

We are not anticipating any impacts to your water or sewerage services during the works.
If you experience an issue with your sewerage service, contact your water retailer: Yarra Valley Water (132 762) or City West Water (132 642). 

Contact us

If you have feedback or would like more information about this project, contact us.

Last updated:
13 October 2020