Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan

The Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan (2019-2029) identifies long-term and sustained actions that span recovery to active rehabilitation of the creek and its surrounds.

At Melbourne Water we recognise how valued Stony Creek is in the local community, and how passionate people are about its recovery and rehabilitation – it’s part of what makes living here so great.

That’s why we involved the local community to create a plan based on insights, aspirations and recommended actions that support the long-term rehabilitation and future protection of Stony Creek. The final Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan was officially launched on 8 September 2019.

Since then, we have continued to work together with the community, research partners and partner agencies towards the recovery and rehabilitation of Stony Creek.

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Community gathering at information table in hall.
The report launch provided the opportunity to showcase activities that help protect Stony Creek.

Report on actions 

The fourth annual Report Card for the Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan provides an update on the status and progress of actions from September 2022 to August 2023.

The Report Card outlines the work undertaken by Melbourne Water, Maribyrnong City Council, Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA), the local community and research partners. This year’s report card includes 16 actions that are in progress with a focus on water quality monitoring and research, pollution prevention action and community education.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Celebrating the launch of the Stony Creek report card in 2023.
  • Working together with researchers from Monash university to trial a real-time sensing framework for pollution detection and response in the Stony Creek catchment.

Annual report cards

Download an annual report card using the link below:

Research partnerships

Stony Creek Whole of System Litter Investigation & Management Prioritisation (1.3 KB PDF)

RMIT University - Stony Creek Litter Project

Creek flowing through parkland with trees, grass and shrubs on embankment

Other relevant plans and policies

The Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan is consistent with agency policies and strategies.

These include:

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