Before you purchase or develop property, or apply to your council for a planning or building permit, there are things you need to do to make sure your development meets current standards for drainage and stormwater quality. You’ll also want to know what the related costs are.

It’s also important to find out early whether you’re near or over any of our assets - such as mains or waterways – or easements and understand our requirements. 

Pre-development advice

Get our advice early and avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Drainage schemes

Drainage schemes guide the standards you need to meet for flood protection, water quality and waterway health. Find your scheme or download a PDF copy of it.


Contribution costs

We recover costs from developers to fund drainage scheme works and stormwater quality offsets. These are called ‘contributions’. Work out what contributions may apply. 



Find out if your land is subject to flooding, and whether you need our consent to get a planning permit from your council, or if you just want to know your flood level information.


Work or build near our assets or easements

Installing utilities? Building a carport, jetty, shared pathway? Need to connect to the stormwater system? If you’re working near our assets – such as drains, sewers and easements or waterways, you’ll need our consent.


​​Before you call us for advice, you'll need:
  • Site location
  • Development type (subdivision​, building or structure or works)
​Afterwards, you'll know:
  • What drainage scheme you're in (if any)
  • Our associated scheme contribution costs to develop
  • If you're in a flood overlay
  • If you're near or over any of our assets

Contact us

If you need any help, contact us on 131 722.

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