Water data

​Water data ​Melbourne's water storages, water use and river health data, and local data for rainfall, river levels, river flow and waterway diversions.

Water storages

Daily water storage data for today, yesterday, last year, our weekly water report and popular charts

Rainfall and river levels

​Historical and hourly rainfall, river level and flow at 160 sites. Historical community rainfall readings across Melbourne

Water use

​Household and business usage data and trends over time

Drinking water quality

​Annual analysis of water quality at Melbourne's major reservoirs after primary treatment

River health data

River health in the Yarra, Maribyrnong, Werribee, Dandenong and Westernport catchments

Boags Rocks monitoring

Water quality at Gunnamatta and St Andrews beaches

Waterway diversions

Current restrictions and bans on diverting water from waterways

Thomsons Dam

Water Outlook

Melbourne water supply and demand summary

Melburnians average water use

150 litres

per person per day

More than
last week



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