Desalination data

The Victorian Desalination Plant is integral to securing Melbourne’s water supply – building a buffer in our water storages to support a growing population. Get an overview of how much desalinated water has been added to our water storages daily.

How much desalinated water is supplied?

Victorian Desalination Plant
Desalinated water flowing into Cardinia Reservoir, where it enters Melbourne’s water supply network.

The Victorian Desalination Plant can deliver up to 150 billion litres of high-quality drinking water a year. That’s one-third of Melbourne’s needs, or around 60,000 Olympic swimming pools.

The plant is currently producing water for our storages as part of the 2021–22 water order of 125 gigalitres.

So how much water has the desalination plant contributed to Melbourne’s supplies? Let’s break it down – see how much was delivered in the past 30 days.