Western Port environment research

We’re undertaking a range of strategic research projects, in partnership with other Victorian government agencies and leading environmental scientists, to improve our knowledge of Western Port marine and coastal environment.

These projects will help us protect and improve its health into the future.

We've released a scientific review strategically assessing our knowledge of the Western Port environment, to inform future investment to protect and improve the bay’s health.

The review identified high priority research areas:

  • Western Port seagrass genetics and taxonomy
  • population trends in fish-eating birds
  • monitoring and evaluation of pesticide risk to key habitats and biota
  • protection and recovery of seagrass beds
  • sediments, coastal inputs and seagrass interactions
  • recreational fishing, fish biodiversity and habitats
  • mangrove planting for coastal stabilisation
  • improving our ability to model hydrodynamics in Western Port

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Reports and projects

Last updated:
18 August 2021