Integrated Water Management: tool for long-term region-wide outlook

Our water and sewerage network are facing increasing challenges from climate change and population growth, which might impact the capacity of our system to keep delivering a world-class service in the future. An online resource, Network Outlook, shows the pressure points in the system under different climate and population scenarios, so we can be responsive to our changing environment and make targeted investments in our infrastructure. 

Network Outlook is an interactive tool that shows where our current water and sewerage system might be disrupted under certain scenarios in the future (not today, and not necessarily in the future).

Transparency on the long term performance of the water and sewer networks will enable adoption of the Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria, including economic evaluation of the benefits to Melbourne Water of integrated water management schemes developed by third parties.

Planning in this way enables us to be innovative in our infrastructure planning and enable targeted Integrated Water Management by the water retail companies, local government, developers and the private sector to understand the priorities for integrated water management solutions to avoid or defer major and expensive upgrades to the water and sewerage network. 

The tool helps us collaborate on making decisions about investment in our system/network with the water retailers. 

Sharing this tool contributes to our commitment to the community we serve – to be transparent about our decision making and the information that supports those decisions.

Check out Network Outlook

Last updated:
1 May 2021