Western Treatment Plant virtual excursions and webinars

We’re now offering virtual excursions and webinars for primary, secondary and tertiary students, bringing our tour sites straight to your classroom. 

Melbourne Water Education officer conducts virtual excursion via laptop

Starting with our highly-popular Western Treatment Plant, our experienced educators will use stunning imagery from our virtual tour to bring this fascinating site to your students. Students will be able to ask questions, interact with our educators and learn about the environmental and historical values of Melbourne’s largest sewage treatment plant.

This free educational experience has been designed with remote learning in mind and will be offered in two formats:

  • a one-hour virtual excursion suited to primary and secondary students and
  • a two-hour webinar suited to VCE and tertiary students.

Both formats can be tailored to align with your students’ unit of study. Once you send through your booking request one of our educators will be in contact to confirm your booking and discuss your requirements.

We will expand our range of water topics and sites in the coming months.

What’s included

Virtual excursion

Primary school student uses virtual tour on laptop

Year level: upper primary and secondary students 
Curriculum alignment: urban water cycle (Grades 3 and 4) and Geography (Years 7 and 8) syllabus
Length: 45–60 minutes (flexible)


  • An experienced Melbourne Water educator to guide the group through the interactive virtual excursion 
  • Guided navigation through the Virtual Tour
  • Presentation covering the key stages of the sewage treatment process, the world-renowned wetlands and the biodiversity and heritage values of the site
  • Question and answer time
  • Activities and lesson plans aligned with the curriculum for extension before or after the excursion. 


Year level: VCE and tertiary students 
Curriculum alignment: features a real-world case study suited to VCE Environmental Science and VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies, and Education and STEM-related tertiary courses
Length: 1.5–2 hours (flexible)


  • An experienced Melbourne Water educator to lead the group through the interactive webinar
  • Guided navigation through the Virtual Tour
  • In-depth presentation covering the key stages of the sewage treatment process and other key aspects of the site including environmental management, renewable energy, Ramsar wetland conservation listing, biodiversity and heritage
  • Question and answer time

Things to know before you book

  • We are committed to online safety. Teachers are expected to actively supervise students at all times, and cannot leave students unsupervised at any point. It is your school’s responsibility to supervise and control students.
  • When submitting a booking request, you will need to select your preferred digital platform for the virtual excursion or webinar. Melbourne Water can host the sessions using Zoom or the school can also nominate to host the session using a different online platform. Arrangements may be made to test the digital platform prior to the virtual excursion or webinar. 
  • Submitting a booking request does not constitute a confirmed booking. One of our Education Officers will contact you to discuss your request once received.
  • Minimum year levels for the virtual excursions are Grades 3-4. 
  • There is flexibility around the length of the virtual excursion (between 45-60 minutes) and the webinar (between 1.5-2 hours).
  • At this stage, this experience is reserved for schools and universities in the Greater Melbourne region. 

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Last updated:
11 March 2021