Western Treatment Plant virtual tour

Our virtual tour lets you learn about and experience the Western Treatment Plant in all its glory… minus the smells! From century-old paddocks to bubbling sewage treatment ponds, check out our 360-degree views, learn interesting facts and watch the engaging videos.

What’s in the virtual tour

Check out this video for a sneak peek of what to expect, then read on for details:

Sewage treatment facilities

Lagoons at the Western Treatment Plant

Your Western Treatment Plant virtual tour begins at the start of the sewage treatment process. We've divided the treatment process into five parts, as seen on the map below. Each part of the process is labelled by a number:

1. Sewage inflow

2. Primary treatment

3. Secondary treatment

4. Tertiary treatment

5. Recycled water.

Map of Western Treatment Plant showing different where stages of sewage treatment are located


Click on Map on the bottom navigation bar to see where each part of the sewage treatment process is located, pictured right.

Wetlands, biodiversity and heritage

Explore wetlands and biodiversity by clicking on Wetlands and Biodiversity on the bottom navigation bar. Take a glimpse of Lake Borrie or check out the area's heritage.

To go straight to information about the Western Treatment Plant's heritage, including a glimpse of the Cocoroc township and our history in agriculture, click on Heritage in the bottom navigation bar.

How to use the virtual tour

  • Use the left and bottom navigation bars to move through the tour. 
  • Watch the overview videos at the start of each process to gain insight into what happens at that stage of the sewage treatment process.
  • Explore each scene, swiping up, down, left and right:
    • For desktop or laptop computer, use the mouse or keypad (left, right, bottom and top arrow keys)
    •  For iPad or tablet, swipe, drag and tap your screen.
  • Select the brightly coloured hot-spots for an in-depth dive into the sewage treatment process with interesting facts, pictures and videos.
  • Use the bottom navigation bar to view a map of the Western Treatment Plant, check out the wetlands and biodiversity, or the site's heritage.

Start the virtual tour

Dive into our Western Treatment Plant virtual tour now! It will take you out of the Melbourne Water website; just click on the Melbourne Water logo on the bottom navigation bar to come back.

Take the virtual tour now

Teaching resources

We've developed the following resource for Year 7–8 geography students to use in conjunction with a visit to the Western Treatment Plant – whether online, or in person! Teachers should select the lessons most suitable for their students.

Western Treatment Plant Virtual Tour – Year 7 and 8 Geography

    Last updated:
    8 September 2021