Fishing advice

Melbourne Water cares for waterways to ensure healthy  habitats and fish. Recreational fishing in inland waters is managed through the Victorian Fisheries Authority. 

To find a fishing spot near you consult the Victorian Fisheries Authority inland angling guide.

Protecting native fish

Some native fish species in our waterways are listed as nationally endangered or vulnerable (e.g. Macquarie Perch).

To protect endangered native fish, we encourage responsible recreational fishing at all times.

For responsible recreational fishing guidelines, refer to the Victorian Fishing Authority’s Recreational Fishing Guide.

Licence requirements

Before you go fishing, check the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s licence requirements and other key regulatory information.

For information about facilities by a river or creek, contact Parks Victoria (13 19 63) or the relevant local council.

The Better Health Channel warns people to exercise caution when eating freshly-caught fish from urban rivers.

Responsible fishing

Fishing litter such as hooks, weights and lines cause injury and death to thousands of native wildlife every year. For example:

  • hooks can become embedded in - or even pierce - the skin
  • hooks, line and weights can be swallowed, causing internal blockages, injury and poisoning
  • line can wrap around an animal, cutting off the blood supply
  • wildlife entangled in line may suffer a slow death due to starvation 

To avoid risk to wildlife you can:

  • take unwanted fishing line home and cut it into small pieces before putting it in the bin or use a fishing line bin if available
  • be aware of surrounding trees – line caught in foliage can entangle wildlife
  • don’t leave baited tackle unattended – remove bait from the hook and put the tackle in a safe place
  • use a bait box
Last updated:
1 February 2021