How we generate energy

​It takes a lot of energy to deliver safe water, remove and treat sewage, and manage drainage and waterways across Melbourne. See how we're generating renewable energy from treating sewage and from hydroelectric power stations, fuel for agriculture - and how we're working toward net zero carbon emissions.  


The anaerobic lagoon at the Western Treatment Plant


Find out how we convert sewage into electricity by combusting biogas.


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AGL Power Generation Plant, Western Treatment Plant


We have 14 hydroelectric power stations installed in our water supply network, which generate approximately 55,000 megawatt hours of electricity each year, enough to power over 9,000 homes. These power stations generate energy from the flow and pressure of moving water, and feed it back into the electricity grid.


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Our path to net zero emissions

Solar panels at the Eastern Treatment Plant

Find out how we're reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to address the challenges of climate chance, help protect the environment and preserve Melbourne's liveability for future generations. 


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Last updated:
28 January 2021