Environmental issues

Join the conversation on population growth and climate change: twin challenges we’re tackling now and into the future for Melburnians. From saving water to caring for our beautiful rivers and creeks, discover how you can play an important role.


This is what the Yarra might look like without water.

Climate change

Read about this key challenge to Melbourne’s water supply, sewerage, river health and flooding.

Know how Melbourne Water is adapting our operations in response to a changing and increasingly variable climate.


Know the climate issues






Long shot of dam

Why we need to save water

When you turn on a tap and the water flows, it can be easy to take this precious resource for granted. Discover why our water supply is not finite but something to safeguard: a challenge for Melbourne that’s shared by many cities around the world.

Read how we’re taking action and what you can do to save water.

Let’s save water




Two people walk along 'Pilot Park' in Williams Landing

Why we’re giving Melbourne shade

Did you know that Melbourne Water is helping to add cooler, greener spaces for you to enjoy?

Read about how we’re opening up neighbourhoods to more green spaces, and how you can enjoy them.


Discover why we’re
giving Melbourne shade





Solar panels at the Eastern Treatment Plant

Our path to net zero emissions

Did you know the Victorian water sector constitutes the single largest proportion of total State Government carbon emissions?

Learn about our pledge to halve our emissions by 2025 and explore a path to reduce them to net zero by 2030.


See how we’re reducing emissions






How we generate energy

We’re converting sewage into ‘poo power’!

Find out how sewage can be reused in important ways. Learn how we’re generating renewable energy from treating sewage and from hydroelectric power stations.


See how we generate energy





Woman with children having a picnic beside a river

Why we care for Melbourne’s beautiful rivers and creeks

Our iconic rivers and creeks are the lifeblood of Melbourne’s natural landscape. They’re part of what makes living here so wonderful.

Read how the work we do today ensures our rivers, creeks and open spaces remain healthy and clean into the future – and how you can best enjoy them.


Know your role to play

Last updated:
22 December 2020