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Keen to know about water storage levels per reservoir, how Victoria's desal plant is contributing to our water supply, or how much it has rained in Melbourne today? View water data to find the numbers you seek:

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Tip: sneak a peek through the Thomson Dam cam for glimpses of our largest reservoir. 

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Water facts and history

Uncover the finer details behind our water data. Discover why Melbourne's drinking water is so good, facts about our water catchments or how we produce recycled water:

How water is supplied

The importance of sewerage

Where your sewage goes

Drainage and flooding

Know your rivers and creeks 

History and heritage

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During the year we supplied our customers with over 428 billion litres of world-class drinking water, 23 billion litres of recycled water and treated over 332 billion litres of sewerage.


Planting near Moonee Ponds Creek

Environmental issues

From working toward net zero carbon emissions to greening our environment, check out the ways we're continuing to enhance life and liveability for our beautiful city:

Preparing for a changing climate

Why we need to save water

How we generate energy

Our path to net zero

Why we're greening Melbourne 

Caring for our rivers and creeks


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Did you know Melbourne is using more water than rainfall is providing? What we're experiencing is not fleeting: it's our new normal.


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Prefer to learn hands-on or educate others? See the many ways you can get involved, whether it's through an event, citizen science program, or by discovering a new walking or bike track this weekend:


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Water cycle

Learning resources and tours

Check out our resources including lesson plans and don't miss our interactive water game or virtual tour of the Western Treatment Plant:

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Know about the latest news, research and innovation, and water issues that affect you.