A lot of work goes into managing and protecting our water.

Our rigorous research and water data informs our work guaranteeing the supply of affordable high-quality water, reliable sewerage, healthy waterways, integrated drainage and flood management.

During the year we supplied our customers with over 428 billion litres of world-class drinking water, 23 billion litres of recycled of water and treated over 332 billion litres of sewerage.

Our rigorous research and water data

We monitor and use data for our short and long-term planning, to ensure we continue to provide these services to our customers well into the future.

We monitor:

Diverting water from Melbourne’s rivers

We also monitor and supply water diversion licences for any water needed to be taken from the Yarra River, Lower Maribyrnong River and Western tributary areas for commercial and irrigation uses.

Licence holders are required to comply with a number of conditions and guidelines.

Waterway diversions – find out more

Thomson Dam Cam

Positioned on the Thomson Reservoir dam wall, the camera takes and transmits a photograph approximately every ten minutes during daylight hours.