Melbourne Water is planning the construction of a new water treatment plant in Mount Evelyn. 

To prepare us for the future and provide greater water security, Melbourne Water is building a new back-up water treatment plant in Mount Evelyn. The new treatment plant will ensure that drinking water remains accessible and safe in the event of planned (operational or maintenance) or unplanned shutdowns (severe storms, fire or power failure) of the Silvan Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant.

Why is this project important?

In Melbourne, water is essential to our way of life. Today, clean, affordable water is readily available to our homes and businesses where we need it. 

The Silvan Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant currently provides more than 50 per cent of Melbourne's population with quality drinking water. And by 2030, more than six million Melburnians will need water every day.

The new treatment plant will ensure water supply is maintained if fire or power failure impacts the Silvan Reservoir Water Treatment Plant’s operational ability and will also prepare us for the future with greater protection against storm events.

What will the Mount Evelyn Water Treatment Plant consist of?

The Mount Evelyn Water Treatment Plant will consist of a main building and three small, fenced, disinfection dosing tanks to turn water from the Silvan Reservoir into clean, quality drinking water for the population.

Why Mount Evelyn?

50 per cent of Melbourne’s water is received from the Silvan Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant. Before water reaches our taps, it is passed through underground water mains from Silvan Reservoir running parallel to each other all the way to Mount Evelyn before branching off to transfer multiple locations across Melbourne.

The location for the Mount Evelyn Water Treatment Plant was selected due to:

  1. Proximity to Silvan Reservoir and water treatment plant.
  2. Ability to treat water efficiently in one location carried by three underground transfer water supply mains.
  3. This land is owned by Melbourne Water and is zoned PUZ1 (Public Use Zone – Service & Utility).
  4. Flat, mostly cleared land and close to existing roads.

Investigations of the proposed site have included land, ecology, cultural heritage and soil quality surveys. These surveys and reports have been considered as part of the location selection.

Vegetation removal

Tree removal on the northern side of the site is required for power line installation and construction works. The changes made to the loop road and building size has resulted in reduced overall tree removal from 89 to 66 trees between design phases (25 per cent reduction). To view which trees will be removed as part of the project.



Now - April 2024

Detailed design phase and submission of new planning permit application to Yarra Ranges Council.

Not Started

April 2024 to Mid-2024

Site mobilisation and early works to commence.

Not Started


Construction subject to planning permit application. Construction will start and will take approximately 2 years to complete. Works will take place between Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturdays 7am to 1pm (when required).

Not Started


Commission facility and demobilise from site.

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Frequently asked questions

Based on a variety of questions we have received from the local community; we have created the following document to help answer any frequently asked questions you may have about our project. Note that this document may be updated with more information as the project progresses.

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