We’re planning to release environmental water into several billabongs on the Lower Yarra floodplain from September to November, to support their plants and animals.

Water reserved for the environment is used to maintain waterway health by mimicking the pattern of natural flows. This release will support the wetlands’ vegetation communities and provide habitat for frogs, bugs and eels.

What the releases involve

Water will be released from the main branch of the Yarra River, or from alternative sources – like harvested and treated stormwater – where available.

In 2020/21, water for the environment is proposed to be delivered to the following billabongs:

  • Yering Backswamp, Yering
  • Annulus Billabong, Yarra Flats Park - Heidelberg

The billabongs that receive water change every year, depending on their individual wetting and drying cycles. Each will receive approximately 30–90 megalitres (30–90 million litres) of water on average, with the amount varying slightly between billabongs.

More information

To learn more about why this work is important and other ways we’re managing this precious resource, visit our water for the environment webpage.

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