The footbridge across Blind Creek has been temporarily closed while we make safety improvements.

About Reimagining Blind Creek Project

The Reimagining Blind Creek project from Scoresby Road to Manuka Drive in Boronia was delivered from February 2018 to mid-2021. The project included 'daylighting' and naturalising a 650-metre section of Blind Creek which was previously an underground, low-flow pipe with a grassed high-flow channel. The project also included revegetation and construction of community infrastructure, such as formal paths, viewing platforms, stepping stones and a footbridge over Blind Creek.

Fairpark Reserve Footbridge - temporarily closed

At the completion of the works, an assessment of the footbridge in Fairpark Reserve found that the bridge is unsafe in its current form and has been temporarily closed for public use. We are now planning, and will carry out safety improvements works so that the bridge can open safely again.

What's happening now?

Melbourne Water has already started designing how the bridge can be modified and will start construction on safety improvements later this year. This planning and construction process will take around 4-6 months.

While carrying out the design and construction to make the bridge safer in the short-term, Melbourne Water is also working on a longer term solution. 

We'll update the local community with more information as the planning process progresses. The design and construction of the longer-term solution process has started and will take around 12-18 months.


Bridge temporarily closed due to safety concerns

March 2023


Safety improvements planning and construction

4 - 6 months


Longer-term solution planning and construction

12 - 18 months

Not Started

Project complete

Community safety

We recognise this has been a frustrating time for local residents, sporting clubs and Fairpark Reserve users who are currently unable to cross over the footbridge. We apologise for this inconvenience. Public safety is our number one priority and we will re-open the bridge as soon as the short-term safety improvements have been completed.

Your Feedback

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Last updated:
21 September 2023