We gather research data at Boag Rocks, where Class A recycled water is discharged into the ocean from the Eastern Treatment Plant in accordance with standards set by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria.

Did you know? Class A is the highest grade of recycled water in Victoria with more than 99.999% of pathogens removed. It can be used for a range of non-drinking purposes, helping to save water in an uncertain climate.

Yellow buoy floating in the ocean at Boags Rocks
Research buoy at Boag Rocks.

A research buoy is stationed at the recycled water outfall zone, and monitors:

  • ocean current
  • wind speed
  • temperature
  • salinity.

The buoy is fitted with an automatic identification system, GPS monitoring device and a flashing light at night to help vessels safely navigate around the zone.

This world-class technology helps researchers better understand and plan how to manage recycled water while maintaining the biodiversity of our marine environment.

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