Permit to work

All contractors wishing to undertake works either on or near one of our assets will be required to obtain a Permit to work.

​Obtain a Permit to work

All contractors must complete our permit recipient training course and be able to demonstrate an understanding of our construction requirements before applying for a permit to work.

A separate confined space entry permit will be required for any individual needing to enter one of our pipelines or structures.

Permits will be issued on site by our relevant officer at the pre-commencement meeting.

Permits will then be issued by our Surveillance Officer at the Pre-Construction site meeting for the project.

Permit recipient training

Permit recipient training will enable each contractor to understand our works and permits process, follow our permit requirements and identify their responsibilities at each stage.

Book Permit recipient training

The online training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and at the end you'll be required to pass a short assessment.

1. Complete the Permit recipient training application form.

2. You'll receive an email notification (within 48 hours) providing access and instructions for the online training module.

3. Instructions and next steps will be provided at the end of the training.

Please allow 10 days for your card to be issued once training has been completed successfully.

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Last updated:
26 September 2017