Video: Enhancing Life and Liveability of Greater Melbourne

4 July 2019
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0:00 For more than 125 years Melbourne water has made a vital contribution to greater

0:05 Melbourne's famous lifestyle.

0:07 Future challenges for our city are complex.

0:10 Long-term climate change means less predictability and an estimated

0:15 population of 8 million by 2051 will only place a greater demand on our services.

0:20 At Melbourne water we don't work alone.

0:22 We collaborate with a wide range of partners that are aligned with our values to deliver all that we do.

0:27 Led by community expectations, we strive to continuously innovate our proven technologies,

0:32 and improve the services we deliver to ensure maximum value while

0:37 keeping prices as low as possible.

0:39 We are responsible for the capture, storage and

0:42 treatment of some of the highest quality drinking water in the world.

0:47 Supplying it to the city's water retailers who deliver this water to homes and businesses.

0:51 Within Melbourne Water we end up getting around 50,000 samples

0:55 across 160 different sites.

0:58 So we're always innovating to make sure that we've meet

1:01 the strict water quality guidelines that were given.

1:03 It really is some of the best and most affordable water in the world.

1:07 Our sewage system is vital to Melbourne's health

1:09 safely transporting the majority of Greater Melbourne sewage to our two

1:14 treatment plants at Werribee in the West and Bangholme in the East.

1:17 Here at our Western treatment plant, we treat over half of Greater Melbourne sewerage

1:23 As part of the process we also produce recycled water which is sold to customers for

1:27 agriculture use or your local parks and gardens.

1:31 We also have on-site one of Australia's favorite wetlands for bird watchers which receives visitors not

1:36 only from Australia but all over the world.

1:38 As the floodplain manager for the Greater Melbourne region, we help to

1:42 reduce the risk of floods through our integrated drainage and flood management services.

1:47 Rivers, estuaries and wetlands are central to everyday life.

1:51 Sustaining a complex ecosystem of plants, animals and people.

1:55 We protect and improve our waterways for the benefit of the community now, and into the future.

2:02 Many people don't realize that Melbourne Water manages 25,000 kilometers of waterways.

2:06 Today we're collecting water samples to look for platypus DNA.

2:10 The fact that we're even finding them in this waterway is a great indicator of waterway health.

2:14 Through initiatives like hydroelectric and solar power generation

2:18 capturing biogas to produce electricity and driving electric vehicles.

2:23 We are leading the way by planning for our operations to be carbon neutral by 2030.

2:27 In all that we do we strive to balance the natural and built environments and

2:32 make the most of all the infrastructure and assets that we look after.

2:36 We are helping to build a more water sensitive city.

2:38 One where we use water more efficiently and sustainably.

2:42 Guided by our vision of creating healthy people, healthy places and a healthy environment.

2:47 Our passionate team of experts help make Greater Melbourne a fantastic place to live

2:52 Melbourne water enhancing life and liveability.