Video: History of the Maroondah system

Get an overview of the history of the Maroondah system.

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The Maroondah system, as we come to understand it today, actually had its origins dating back to 1891 – when it was actually known as the Watts River Scheme.

The Watts River Scheme itself comprised 6 kilometres of aqueduct, 41 kilometres of which was open concrete channel, 10 kilometres of tunnel and 15 kilometres of wrought iron siphons.

The system was basically replaced by the Maroondah Reservoir, which involved construction of the main dam, which was completed in 1927.

It’s a testament to the vision of our forebears as indeed the workmanship, when you consider that the aqueduct – or rather the whole Maroondah system – has been in operation since 1891.

Arguably a world class water supply system has long been supporting Melbourne’s status as one of the most liveable cities in the world.