Melbourne Water Retarding Basin Program (Speaker Paul Coysh)

An explanation of the Melbourne Water Retarding Basin Program

8 March 2018
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My name's Paul Coysh, I am a Programme Team Leader for major programme delivery in Melbourne Water.

The primary driver behind all the retarding basins work is public safety.

Planning starts probably two years ahead for most of these retarding basins.

There's a lot of upfront work with people like Del, definitely Council's always involved, and often community groups as well.

The retarding basins are upgraded depending on their risk profile.

Generally, the works will consist of tree removal, and after that, we'll come along and strip topsoil, we'll put the cress capping on, which is to protect the embankment from drying out, and then we undertake a whole lot of reinstatement work, so we'll make sure that the environment's brought back up to standard.

We welcome community feedback any time we have a retarding basin underway.

There's a 1-800 number that you can contact directly that's 24/7, and we welcome comments right from the initial stages around the planning works all the way through construction.