Transferring water between our water storage reservoirs

2 February 2024
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[visual description: map of Greater Melbourne, with Melbourne’s water storage reservoirs highlighted across the map. Lines show which water storage reservoirs are connected to each other]

Narrator: Did you know, many of our water storage reservoirs are interconnected? This allows us to move water between them when we need to. We can transfer water from our largest reservoir, the Thomson to Upper Yarra, and from Upper Yarra to Silvan. Water from the O'Shannassy also feeds Silvan Reservoir, the heart of our water supply system. Silvan then supplies water to most of Melbourne.

Maroondah Reservoir transfers water to Sugarloaf and onwards to Melbourne's northern, western and inner suburbs. Tarago, on the other hand, is not connected to another reservoir. Water is treated at its onsite treatment plant and then supplied to the Mornington Peninsula. Water from the Desalination Plant enters our supply system at Cardinia Reservoir, where it mixes with water from our catchments supplied from Silvan. Transferring water between the reservoirs ensures we have the right water supply for everyone to enjoy now and into the future.

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