Port Phillip Bay Community Shellfish Reef

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Melbourne Water
Shellfish Reef – establishing an ecosystem for local fish enhancement

The establishment of a shellfish reef in and around the Mornington Peninsula, specifically between Mornington and Mount Eliza, has created an ecosystem that ensures the ongoing health and resilience of fish communities, as well as water quality.
The Port Phillip Community Shellfish Reef project has been managed by Melbourne Water, with funding through the Australian Government’s Fisheries Habitat Restoration Project, to create a shellfish reef using recycled shell substrate.

N1: Speaker - Andrew Morrison, Senior Asset Planner – Land and Catchments, Melbourne Water

N1: Andrew Morrison
Shellfish reefs were once widespread across Port Phillip Bay and since settlement we've probably lost in excess of 95 to 98 percent. Over the last five years, we've worked in partnership with Ozfish and the recreational fishing community to help restore shellfish reefs.
Some really simple measures that we've been taking as part of this project is to actually recycle the shellfish discarded through the restaurant industry. In the past that would have gone to landfill and we're basically returning that to Port Phillip Bay to help form the foundation of shellfish reef colonisation and help increase and improve the populations of native fish.
Having recreational fishers participate in the restoration of these important ecosystems, we're really enhancing that long-term stewardship for these areas and hopefully, they'll continue to help support a sustainable recreational fishing industry.

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[This project is funded by the Australian Government.]