Hobsons Bay Main Sewer Project sustainability initiatives

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Melbourne Water
Hobsons Bay Main Sewer Project – Sustainability Video

MW Hobsons Bay Main Sewer Sustainability video/Promote solar initiative


Speaker 1 – James Le

Speaker 2 – Julia Crellin


[Views of the Westgate Bridge and Yarra River are shown, followed by a chilli plant. Speaker 1 – James Le starts explaining the project and climate change.]

James Le: A safe, clean, and healthy environment is essential to our way of life.

But we know the impacts of climate change, pose a tremendous threat.

[The backs of 2 people can be seen walking towards the solar panels, with the Westgate Bridge in the background.]

James Le: And for us in the water industry, we know it is really important that we take action now.

[The 2 people are pointing and starring at the solar panels in front of them.]

James Le: So, we’ve teamed up with our delivery partners, John Holland, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions on our project sites.

[An overview shot of the Hobsons Bay Main Sewer project site can be seen, showcasing 2 large holes in the ground.]

[The shot changes to an eye level shot of the construction project.]

James Le: For example, at the Hobsons Bay Main project, we’re building the new sewer main crossing under the Yarra River and reducing our carbon emissions as we do so.

[Images of the solar energy system with overview and drone footage of the panels, including a Melbourne Water branded container.]

[Speaker 1 continues to talk about the solar panels, will footage of the solar panels.]

James Le: The solar energy system we have just installed, consists of 250 panels and batteries and that’s enough to power our construction site sheds, and replaces the large diesel generators that were previously onsite.

The best thing about the system is it is completely portable and can be packed and deployed on future Melbourne Water projects.

[Speaker 1 talking]

James Le: It is really fulfilling to be part of a project that contributes to a safer cleaner environment.

[Speaker 2 – Female voice starts talking and can be seen]

Julia Crellin – But that’s not all we’re doing. We’ve recycled over 2000 tonnes of materials from this project, and we’ve even got an electric charging station for our vehicles.

[The backs of 2 people can be seen in a garden]

Julia Crellin – We recycle everything we can, we even have an edible garden onsite, supported by an onsite composting.

For me, it’s really great Melbourne Water addressing climate change and to ensure that Melbourne remains a great place to live, today tomorrow and for generations to come.

[Views of Westgate Bridge and Yarra River]

 [A royal blue panel appears across the screen, with white words saying Melbourne Water – melbournewater.com.au. Imbedded in this panel is also a royal blue, white and light blue Melbourne Water logo]