Video: What is biogas?

31 March 2023
Audio described version


Narrator 1 (N1)

[On-screen visual: Toy toilet with plastic pipe leading out of it against a yellow backdrop.]

N1: Ever wondered what biogas is?

[On-screen visual: Hand opens and shuts the toilet lid. Camera then pans down along the pipe, following the route of the sewage, with a poo emoji overlaid on screen.]

N1: Well, after your poo travels through our sewerage system to our treatment plants, it breaks down and lets off harmful greenhouse gases.

[On-screen visual: Water drips out of the pipe into a plastic container. An icon of bubbling gas is overlaid.]

N1: But we capture that biogas as part of the sewage treatment process, and turn that gas into power to run our treatment plants.

[On-screen visual: Hand covers container with a piece of foam, trapping the gasses. Camera pans down to a battery, with electricity thunderbolt icons overlaid.]
[On-screen text: Sewerage Treatment Plant Power]

N1: It’s just one of the ways we make use of Melbourne’s poo.

[On-screen visual: Lightbulb turns on]
[On-screen visual: Pair of footprints on a light blue background, through which a natural landscape can be seen. Text reads ‘Our Path to Net Zero. Reducing our emissions.’, accompanied by the Melbourne Water logo.]