Transitioning to a zero-emissions fleet

Audio described version


N1: Christine Tantau, Procurement Commercial Manager – Melbourne Water

[On-screen visual: Christine stands on front porch of her house]

N1: Our commitment to taking action on climate change is a journey and it’s not going to happen overnight. We have about 125 cars that will be fully electric by 2030.

[On-screen visual: Close-up of rear of car, on which is written ‘electric’. Christine walks out her front gate towards the car and gets in.]

N1: The tangible and simple and quick actions that we can take in terms of reducing our carbon emissions – and our fleet emits a lot of carbon – and being able to see significant reductions in that carbon emissions, to be able to watch it steadily decline as we replace each internal combustion engine with an electric vehicle. 

[On-screen visual: Christine pushes a button to start the car. View from the car interior of her driving.]

N1: Being able to see our impact, being able to see Melbourne Water’s commitment actually making a positive difference to our future is exciting. 

[On-screen visual: Car passes through the gates to Preston Reservoir. The Car is clearly branded with the Melbourne Water logo.]

N1: Our fleet is visible, and it’s sending the right message; and it’s educating our staff and our customers and our suppliers. 

[On-screen text: Christine Tantau, Melbourne Water, Procurement Commercial Manager]
[On-screen visual: Close-up of Christine talking.]

N1: At the end of the day when we made the right choices, we took the right actions at the right time, that we made an impact. That we were able to make a difference.

[On-screen visual: Pair of footprints on a light blue background, through which a natural landscape can be seen. Text reads ‘Our Path to Net Zero. Reducing our emissions.’, accompanied by the Melbourne Water logo.]