Western Treatment Plant: An unlikely treasure right on your doorstep

Meet Diane, a Werribee local, and find out why she thinks the Western Treatment Plant is like our own little Kakadu, west of Melbourne.

Audio described version


Narrator – N1 (Diane Rampertshammer)

[Footage of a conservation pond at the Western Treatment Plant with nesting trees for birds and the You Yangs mountain range in the distance] 

N1: The plants lagoons, grasslands, and waterways make a perfect habitat for the variety of birds that are there.

[on-screen text: Diane Rampertshammer. Werribee Local.] 

[Footage of Diane Rampertshammer sitting in her living room with chair and piano in the background] 

N1: Birdwatching enthusiasts from all over the world come to the Western Treatment Plant.

[Footage of Black Swan and cygnets cleaning themselves in a conversation pond at the Western Treatment Plant] 

N1: It’s our little Kakadu, right here west of Melbourne.

[Footage of birds flying low over a conversation ponds at the Western Treatment Plant, some of them coming into land on nesting trees and boxes] 

N1: This internationally renowned haven for birds is in my local area, and that’s something I’m really proud of.

[Aerial footage of the Western Treatment Plant treatment and conservation lagoons] 

[on screen text Melbourne Water logo www.melbournewater.com.au]