Western Treatment Plant: Amazing habitat for wildlife

Meet our Western Treatment Plant Conservation and Land Officer, Cody, and find out why he thinks the Western Treatment Plant is so special.

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Narrator – N1 (Cody McCormack)

[Footage of shorebirds looking for food along the edge of a wetland. Cody McCormack stands in front of a conservation pond/wetland with the You Yangs Regional Park in the background.] 

N1: Having such a large intact habitat which is so close to a city, and it’s one of the, probably the best spot in southeast Australia if not Victoria for things like migratory shore birds, Growling grass frogs, Orange-bellied Parrot; things that are incredibly threatened and endangered, and without this place they potentially wouldn’t exist.

[on-screen text: Cody McCormack. Western Treatment Plant Conservation and Land Officer]

N1: We’re one of the only places, if not the only Ramsar listed, so internationally significant wetland in Australia, which actually actively manages man-made ponds for migratory shore birds and also for other species.

[Footage of migratory shorebird wading in marine habitat along the Western Treatment Plant coastline]

N1: This is a really special place. 

[Aerial footage of the Western Treatment Plant treatment and conservation lagoons] 

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