Litter Action: Sunshine litter mural

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Speaker 1 - S1 (Jessica Gerger)
Speaker 2 - S2 (Kathy Holowko)

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[on-screen text: Jessica Gerger, President, Friends of Kororoit Creek]

S1: The Friends of Kororoit Creek wanted to support the work that was happening with the Litter Action Project on the Stony Creek. We felt that the best way to do that was to get involved with this mural project.

On this particular project we worked with Melbourne Water, Sunshine Business Association, Brimbank City Council. And we all sat down together to discuss what we could do, in terms of a big art project that would support litter education.

[on-screen text: Kathy Holowko, Artist]

S2: I was just asked to put forward an idea and just reflected on stories of my own experiences.

Those moments where I walk down to the river, and it would be after a flood, and you would see the trees had been kind of decorated with all these hanging objects. As you walked closer to them it was actually a lot of the litter that had drifted down in these flood lines and been captured in the trees, so the mural is sort of a reflection of that.

S1: We settled on Kathy's work, it just really stood out: the bright colours, the use of all the native animals and the creek with that sort of second layer of the murky plastic litter hidden in there.

We hope that when children and parents and people walking past look at this mural, the first thing they will be attracted to is the beauty of it, the lovely colours, the birds, the animals; and then on closer inspection they'll notice all the horrible litter - and that might open up discussion as to how that litter actually got there. The path of litter from the streets through the drains, down into the creek.

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