Litter Action: Our Home sculpture

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Speaker 1 - S1 (Dr Teresa Mackintosh)
Speaker 2 - S2 (Kathy Holowko)

[on-screen text: Litter Action - Our Home. Proudly supported by] [Melbourne Water logo] [Victoria State Government logo] [Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning logo]

[on-screen text: Dr Teresa Mackintosh, Waterwatch Coordinator, Melbourne Water]

S1: The idea of the Litter Action sculpture came about working through Nature West and the Werribee River Association, which are two environmental groups which work out in the Wyndham region.

[on-screen text: Kathy Holowko, Artist]

S2: It was a sculpture that wanted to be visible at various community events or public places, so it had to be mobile, and we settled on the idea of having giant letters in these metal cages. They will be set out in spaces where people can walk in and around them and like really look up close at the details of what's inside them.

S1: You can put your rubbish into the sculpture, so what we really want to do is get people thinking about picking up their rubbish, where is that going, and really communicating that we need to look after our home, and that means looking after the environment.

S2: If I can use art to bring that connection back, I think I'm doing my job well, and hopefully these works will allow the conversation to start.

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