What makes Melbourne Water a great place to work?

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Speaker 1 – S1 (Shreya Kanunjna)
Speaker 2 – S2 (Elle Bartnik)
Speaker 3 – S3 (Russell Riding)
Speaker 4 – S4 (Tasha Dixon)
Speaker 5 – S5 (Rhys Collins)
Speakers 6 to 14 – S6-S14 (unnamed Melbourne Water employees)

[Lively music plays over a scene of Melbourne and Melbourne Water’s logo]

S1: My name is Shreya Kanunjna

S2: My name is Elle Bartnik

S3: My name's Russell Riding

S4: My name is Tasha Dixon

S5: My name is Rhys Collins

S6: I work as the Systems Integration Manager

S7: I'm a Natural Resource Management Leading Hands

S8: I'm a Sewerage Transfer Operator here for wholesale services

S9: I've worked at Melbourne water for 12 years

S10: Fourteen years now

S11: Nine months

S12: Eight years now

S13: Ten years

S2: One year last week.

[on-screen text: What makes Melbourne Water a great place to work?]

S2:  Melbourne Water is open. People are really open to conversations, helping, talking about what needs to change, what's going well.

S4: The best thing about working at Melbourne Water for me would be the people first and foremost there's a really strong culture of care here.

S1: You have to care for your people, you have to have integrity when you work and as well as courage, courage to say no because I work for the safety team.

S13: Everyone's really happy to lend a helping hand if you have any questions you can pick up the phone to anyone in the business, and everyone has a shared vision of what we're going to achieve to serve the community and the environment.

S6: Melbourne Water has a very positive and inclusive environment. I've been fortunate enough to join our Refract group which is the LGBTI group as an ally and it enables an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and included in what they do.

S9: One of the best things for me about working at Melbourne Water is having flexible workplace arrangements. I love the fact that we have regional offices around Melbourne and I'm able to work from one 10 minutes from my home. That allows me to spend more time with my family and my children.

S4: I work a four-day compressed week at Melbourne Water and what that means is that I have three days off every week so it gives me a real sense of freedom that I can do what I'm passionate about which is paint. Having that freedom to have that extra space means that I'm a better employee.

S12:  In June 2017, my wife and I were lucky enough to welcome our firstborn son into the world and I was really fortunate to take up a range of flexible work arrangements and leave entitlements with Melbourne water.

S3:  The best thing for me was the autonomy we have in what we deliver so we can go out and use the latest technologies and look at cutting-edge solutions which makes the really exciting.

S14: As soon as you walk through the door here you are absolutely supported in your career and any development that you're looking for.

S11: I'm proud I get to have an impact every day on the environment I'm also proud that my role benefits local wildlife and people in the community who use and enjoy the spaces we work in.

S3: At Melbourne Water I’m proud of the outcomes we deliver for the community.

S8: Being a part of that rich history that Melbourne Water have, it gives you a sense of pride but also gives you a sense of belonging.

S10: I'm proud of some of the standards and documents that I've created over time things like the Wetland Design and Construction Manual which sets the standard for how Melbourne Water’s best practices is delivered for asset design and construction.

S13: I've been involved in a lot of high-risk work, a lot of emergency response type work over the past few years. I've always been really impressed by everyone's collaboration and willingness to work as a team to get something done.

S7: Everyone wants to talk about the impacts that they've made because everyone's so passionate about what they do. We feel that what we do is meaningful we feel supported by the people around us.

S5: My role allows me to have a great impact with the Aboriginal community in that it includes them in the project work we design and deliver.

S6: Being part of an organisation that cares about people and the environment, we truly live the words of ‘Enhancing Life and Liveability’.

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