Video: Reimagining Your Moonee Ponds Creek

11 August 2021
Audio described version

[Gentle music]

[On-screen text: Reimagining Your Moonee Ponds Creek]

N1: We’ve heard how important Moonee Ponds Creek is to you, and we want to revitalise it in a way that delivers the best outcomes for your community.

[Venn diagram showing intersection between ‘What do we want? (Celebrating water, corridor greening, community access)’ ‘Should we?’ and ‘Can we?’]

N1: We asked your community to discover how you want to see Moonee Ponds Creek transformed.

N1: Currently, the project site is a creek contained within a concrete channel. The channel has limited natural assets remaining, and is flanked by paths that are busy with bike commuters and local pedestrians.

[On-screen text: Brosnan Crescent]

N1: Your community asked for a return to a more natural, living waterway. A natural rocked waterway and revegetation works within the channel will be the main focus of the project, providing a better experience for the community visiting the creek.

[On-screen text: 1/3 concrete removed]

N1: Some concrete from the channel will be removed.

[On-screen text: Erosion protection]

N1: Rocks will be installed along the creek for a more natural appearance and to ensure waterway stability.

[On-screen text: Option A, Option B, Option C]

N1: We have developed three concept designs for the waterway based on what you told us and the best use of the available funding.

N1: Option A delivers the longest length of naturalised waterway.

[On-screen text: 650m length]

N1: Option B has a large pond at Lebanon Reserve.

[On-screen text: 500m length, Herbert & Lebanon Reserve]

N1: And Option C has a large pond at Oak Park Reserve.

[On-screen text: 500m length, Ethel Street Reserve]

N1: There will also be extensive plantings of indigenous species for revegetation including trees to provide further waterway stability, shade, urban cooling and natural habitat.

N1: You told us you wanted peaceful and positive spaces for your community.

[Speech bubbles: ‘Create a peaceful an positive place for my community’, ‘I would use the creek more if there was more wildlife to see’, ‘I want nature play areas I can bring my kids to’]

N1: Spaces will be created where you will be able to stop and enjoy the creek.

[On-screen text: Lebanon Reserve Pond]

N1: At these points, the banks of the creek are widened to provide stretches of open water, giving visual and physical access to the creek.

[On-screen text: Oak Park Pond, widened creek banks]

N1: You told us you wanted a change to the paths shared by cyclists and pedestrians to improve path safety and reduce user conflicts.

[On-screen text: User conflicts]

N1: Where space allowed, we separated them, providing slower, safer walking paths for locals enjoying the waterway and separate bike paths for cyclists.

[On-screen text: Pedestrian path, bike path]

N1: These are three designs for this section of Moonee Ponds Creek.

N1: Help us choose what a greener, more natural Moonee Ponds Creek will look like.

N1: Have your say and help choose the best outcome for your community.

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