Video: Let’s talk water – challenges

Watch as Andrew Hansen talks about the challenges facing our water supply and how we’re working to ensure we all have enough water into the future.

21 May 2021
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Andrew Hansen: Melbourne, it’s time to talk about water.   
How much water would you say that you use every day?

Community member 1: Maybe 20, 30, 40, litres.

Community member 2: Probably too much actually.

Andrew Hansen: This is about a litre. The average Melburnian uses 157 litres every day.
Well what we've had in Melbourne is a whole lot of people have moved here in recent years and  a whole lot of like, you know babies, and really selfish little kids. I'm sorry. When you couple that with climate change, I guess it makes you think about how we use our water.
We're trying  to diversify our water supply so that we can find ways for the city to get supplied with all the water that we need. A bit from the desalination plant, a bit from the treatment plant. Hopefully get our water usage down. Would you think a bit more about maybe using less water do you think?

Community member 3: Yeah, like all the time.

Andrew Hansen: So Melbourne, now that we know all that, let's talk more about our water.