Video: Let’s talk water – stormwater

Find out what happens to the water that runs off roads and roofs with comedian Andrew Hansen, as we continue to talk water.

12 May 2021
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Andrew Hansen – AH
Community member 1 – CM1
Child 1 – C1

AH: Well Melbourne, it’s time to talk about water.

[On-screen text: Let’s talk water]

[Andrew talks to a family standing outside their house]

AH: We’re talking stormwater today. First question: Do you know what stormwater is?  

C1: Is stormwater the water like collected off rain?  

AH: Stormwater is the water that runs off your roof and off the street and straight down the drains in the street, which then ends up in our rivers and creeks.   

What else do you think might get washed down the drains in the street?  

CM1: Garbage.  

AH: Garbage, yes. Do you put garbage down the stormwater?  

CM1: No!  

AH: Oh good, I'm glad to hear that. Right. You just sounded very confident about that. Yeah you're right. Rubbish and pollution can get washed off the street and down the stormwater drains and that ends up in our rivers and creeks. Which can really damage our rivers and creeks. We've just got to think about the sorts of things we throw out and maybe not tip paint or chemicals down those drains, because that goes straight to the rivers and creeks.  

So Melbourne, now that we know all that, let’s talk more about water.

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