Video: Let’s talk water – recycled water

Find out how a waste product can be recycled to help keep our city cool and green, as Andrew Hansen continues to talk water.

12 May 2021
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Andrew Hansen – AH
Community member 1 – CM1
Community member 2 – CM2
Community member 3 – CM3
Child 1 – C1

AH: Melbourne, it’s time we had a talk about water. 

[On-screen text: Let’s talk water]

[Andrew talks to man and woman sitting in a park]

AH: Can you tell me what sewage is made of?  

CM1: Poo.

AH: That’s a pretty good answer. I think that’s one of the ingredients.

[Andrew talks to child on a swing]

C1: Ice cream.

[Andrew talks to woman with a dog]

CM2: I would say it’s water.

AH: Yes.  

CM2: Waste, human waste and anything else that travels along with it in the pipe.  

AH: I think you’re absolutely right. Sewage is made of everything that goes down our drain. When you do the laundry or flush the loo, or have a shower. 

[Woman’s dog attempts to eat the bouquet Andrew is holding]

AH: Can you tell me what does sewage have to do with flowers?

CM2: Well apart from obviously tasting good.

AH: They’re delicious aren't they? Aren’t they delicious?

[Andrew talks to woman standing next to a tree]

CM3: Does sewage fertilise the ground?   

AH: Well, yeah, recycled water. Recycled water from our treatment plant. Sewage goes into the plant. Some of that water can be used to water our parks, and our gardens. It can be used to grow gorgeous, lovely, stunning bunches of flowers and things like this enormous tree in a park.

So Melbourne, now that we know all that, it's time to talk more about our water.

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